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Hello! Thank you for being here.

We are a mobile coffee business operating out of a custom-made trailer. Our goal is to bring the cozy, creative, blissful feeling you get from stepping into your favorite coffee shop to different events and locations across New Jersey. In the process, we want to donate to organizations we believe in, make strong connections across communities, bring light to other small businesses, and keep our environment safe in the process. We hope to inspire and spread love through a warm beverage and kind service. 

Our owner, Naomi grew up in Hackettstown, New Jersey. She dreamed of having a "smoothie shack" since she was a little girl, that was until she tried coffee. After a 6 month temporary move to Washington State she noticed all these little conveinent coffee trailers, shacks, and trucks parked ALL over the state. You could get a cup of coffee pretty much anywhere you went! So, she decided to bring that concept back to her home town. Omi's Coffee House was formed in 2020 and officially opened in June of 2021. On the back of our cups you will see a saying "You got this, kid" as a reminder to always go for it- whatever "that" is. Your childhood dreams, weird ideas, and creative concepts can become reality, just like Omi's Coffee House. 

We are a little obsessed with our great earth, so our packaging is 100% compostable. Our cups are made out of bamboo paper and sugar cane paper so no trees were harmed. Our straws are compostable, biodegradable, and break down naturally in the ocean in 58 days.

We would love to be a part of any event you can dream up. Including weddings, birthday parties, communions, fundraisers, festivals and so much more. We can work together in making you a signature drink that reflects the purpose or theme of the event. We are here for you! 

Our greatest hope is that Omi’s Coffee House nourishes your soul to the deepest depths. We hope we can inspire, encourage peace, and most of all, provide you with a delicious coffee house beverage in the process.

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